What I do with my trash

Life is always busy. We are sometimes busy doing nothing. But I make sure I set aside time separating the plastics, metal and paper that I use so I can dispose them to the nearest recycle bins in my area. I have to confess I am not always able to dispose every single piece of paper or plastic properly because of difficult circumstances. (ie, having a meeting/dinner outside using plastic or paper cups and not being able to carry them home all the time) Well,  sometimes I do bring them home to put in my segregation box, and I get laughed at by doing that as though I am very silly. Sometimes I could not take home my own trashes because I have other stuff to carry that’s more than 2 kilos. It would be painful for me to carry more than 1 kilo, not to mention my own body because of my condition. So I only dispose about 70% of my trash properly. But believe me I am working to improve that and I have a crazy plan to make sure I do that 100% and even 1000%. But this is not to be disclosed yet. (wink)

I don’t volunteer to segregate other people’s trash. They have seen me dispose my own trash properly time and time again. I have made a brief point of view why I do it. I don’t even have to explain why. It’s all common sense. It is their choice to do the same or not. It is their choice to care for the environment or not. It is their karma, not mine. I have too many negative karma myself from other lives to clear and heal. Only when I clear my own can I start helping others. Probably in the next millennia. (laughs)


A friend who is also environmentally conscious suggested that I clean first whatever is inside the plastic container so that it can be recycable, otherwise it would be useless. That would be tedious and taking time from my work, but I just can’t help sometimes. I do clean plastics with water first before throwing them in recycle bins. I have enough negative thoughts or actions that I put out there in the ether. I am a human being also. These small stuff would help lessen it. I try to use less water while cleaning it.

But the bottomline is NEVER use plastic at all!  I am working on that. To be able to do that requires a 180% shift in a person’s lifestyle, work, etc. It’s not easy.  But I’ll get there. We’ll all get there.



Here is are some videos from “The Story of Stuff Project” for more educational info about “stuff” we consume and produce.

Website : www.storyofstuff.org                                     Facebook : www.facebook.com/storyofstuff



If you have a video or found a video that you think is related to this post. Do let me know and I’ll add them here. Thank you.


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