Watermelon as Water

Watermelon as water – Picture speaks for itself! This makes about 8 glasses of watermelon smoothie. No added sugar or water. Add some nuts (soaked first overnight) to get some texture if you like. Watermelon is very alkaline for me and helps in reducing the inflammation in my tired muscles.

I have taken countless painkillers for my injury for years and years and none of them worked not to mention that they are expensive too.  I’m not recommending anyone to stop their medication. This is just my personal experience and not a professional advice. But this is my body, my health and my life and I have decided to do healing the natural way.

I have read that its good for removing parasites too. The experts says all people have parasites in their body stealing some nutrients that our body is supposed to get nourished with. Don’t take my word and do your research or have yourself tested for parasites.

Here I store them in recycled glass bottles or jars. I never store my beverages in plastic bottles specially if they will be kept inside the fridge. Have you heard of the news among organic conscious communities about storing food in a plastic container and how it relate to terrible diseases? I am no physicist and I do not want to give information without me verifying the information personally via laboratory test and case studies. I suggest you do your research and talk to the people who have a vast knowledge and direct experience with the subject.

For now, enjoy the thought of having a refreshing, natural alkaline watermelon smoothie.


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