How to make Organic Botanical Pesticide

Organic Botanical Pesticide Preparation

1. Collect the following plants with repellant and attractant properties. It’s not required to complete everything if not available in your location.

Tubli (Poison Vine)
Kakawati (Gliricidia)
Lagundi (Five-Leaf Chaste Tree)
Tuba tuba (Red Physic Nut)
Neem tree
Spring Onion
Makabuhay (Heavenly Elixir)





2. Put the plants inside a bag made of net and pound the bag to let some juice out of the leaves and stems.

3. Put the bag inside a glass container or a clay jar with water to ferment under ambient temperature for two weeks. Bigger garden/farm would need larger containers and more plant materials.


4. After fermentation, pour the concentrated liquid in a spray bottle or in larger farms, spray equipments. Dilute with water before spraying.


5. Spray on the crops


Additional tip:

It is highly advisable to plant the attractants and repellants first around the garden/farm to discourage the insects and pests to inhabit the area.


Instructions are learned from the teachings of KKOK/Villegas Organic and Hobby Farms in Batangas, Philippines. For seminars and consultancy services they offer, Read More

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