Nuts for Cucumber


I’m going nuts for a cucumber juice tonight. So I made one right away.

Its very simple to make. I bought a kilo of organic cucumber. Here it is. Doesn’t it look yummy already?

I washed it thoroughly and soak in water with rock salt for a few minutes.

Dates is a good sweetener. Another great alternative for sugar would be a plant called Stevia.

Some nuts would give the smoothie a milky taste. It could be one or all of the following : almond, peanut, walnut, cashew, pumpkin seeds. Nuts are soaked first overnight, of course. The picture looks like a handful but I use a few pieces only. I stock the rest and dry them for the next day’s snack.

A cup of water or coconut water in the blender first, then toss in the sliced cucumber. Here it is in action.

Pouring the juice in a glass jar. Looks so fresh,and delicious!

Here is a bottle full of fresh cucumber smoothie. Don’t you feel like going nuts for cucumber smoothie right now?

Here’s a cup for me this evening as a compliment drink for my fruit salad dinner.  I’ll keep the rest at the fridge for tomorrow at work and for friends, in case they’re curious.

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