Is God Evil?

Here is a new book written by Mirna Hanna, Ph.D who attempts to explore the idea of God from a scientific and spiritual perspective. If you are a soul searcher and who has had nagging questions throughout life about this reality we are living in, this book may present some radical views and interpretation which may be aligned with your truth.

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Who is God anyway? The old man who created the world in six days and then took Sunday off, or the one who thinks that a man equals two women? What if it was us who created God in our own image and not the opposite? The prolific interpretations of God with their fear-based distortions support this theory. What if the universal recipe for life and happiness-or the carrot that donkeys worldwide are pursuing-were as illusionary and deceitful as the numerous personas of God? What if both our fear-based constructs of God and reality were seeded on purpose in order to enslave us in a matrix of cognitive distortions? If so, who benefits from keeping us energetically harnessed? This book explores the true nature of God as a consciousness that steps down into manifested form through a basic understanding of the mechanics of co-creation. It also explores the mechanics of miscreation, along with the inorganic nature and consequences of fear, including physical phenomena like the formation of black holes and metaphysical ones like the biblical fall. A set of tools is provided for those who wish to detangle themselves from the matrix of fear-based consciousness by reclaiming their initial state of mastery and godhood and becoming the architects of their life in this physical realm and beyond. Information is the highest form of power. From the moment it is acquired, life becomes entirely magical.

Excerpts from the Book:

“We are born, schooled, we find a job, get married, have children, age and die. We are told that this is the only formula for happiness, and that it was intended by God who created us in his image. This is all we know. If this is perfect, how come do we suffer?”

“It is never too late to awaken to the fact that official reality labeled as “the norm” is the product of a series of interwoven misperceptions. No we are not alone in the universe, the purpose of life is not the official program.”

“There is more to DNA than meets the eye. The part that holds the genetic code for the human body represents less than 90 percent of the biological DNA and science is still unable to elucidate the function of what is called “junk DNA”.”

“The multidimensional structure of our spiritual anatomy implies that we exist simultaneously in different dimensions.”

“What if the construct that we call reality comprises many of these distortions. What if these viruses were seeded on purpose? What if while we think that we have free-will choice, we are plugged into a matrix of cognitive distortions and programmed like robots to sleep-walk through our life. If this is true, then who benefits from having the human race imprisoned in this energetic harness, building their entire reality systems on deceitful illusions?”

“What if the array of limitations that we experience daily like ailment, scarcity, ageing, and even physical death, were not part of the plan? What if something went terribly wrong? What if the real conflict was not between good and evil, but rather between a universal truth and a universal lie that has kept us since the beginning of recorded history chained to the walls of the cave, with our backs turned to the light, building our entire belief system on mere shadows and deceitful illusions.”

“What if health, abundance, playfulness, the power to manifest, and eternal life were our divine rights?”

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About the Author

mirna_hannaMirna Hanna is an architect-urban planner who also holds an MBA, a Master in Wealth Management, and a PhD in Urban Planning from the Sorbonne. Before becoming interested in self-help and spirituality, she published two poetry books in France. Her book Is God Evil? is the result of more of one decade of research in the fields of psychology, self-empowerment, alternative healing techniques and modalities, New Age, and spirituality.

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