I Ordered My Future Yesterday – The Julie Cox Story

I Ordered My Future Yesterday by Julie Cox

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Julie Cox lived at the garbage dump of the Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippine islands for two years. At the age of 15 she was raped as well as diagnosed with leukemia. She was raped again at 24 and this time left for dead, left pregnant, she had the baby instead of an abortion, gave the baby up for adoption and found that same baby 14 years later. Her father gambled away her family’s land but Julie got it back and more land to boot, with pristine waters running through it. Poverty, Rape 1, Leukemia, Rape 2 … no problem. Julie is halfway to becoming a millionaire. She’s well on the way to realizing all of her dreams. This is the story of how she did it.. it’s also the compass and roadmap for how you can do it too. Even if you’re broken, negative, bitter and depressed, nothing can stop you from finding your destiny!

stories_julie_cox“I’m a WINNER because I’ve known DEFEAT,

HAPPY because I’ve known SORROW,

GENEROUS because I’ve known HUNGER

and KINDNESS as I’ve experienced CRUELTY.

Life is worth living and beautiful as I’ve known HOPELESSNESS and DARKNESS” – Julie Cox

Here are a few excerpts from her book:

“If a burglar had broken into our house, we would have robbed the burglar. That’s how poor we were!” – page 2

“I’d always dreamed of going to school and learning beyond my years. I was always in the top of my class from first to the fourth grade. I went to school with no books and sometimes no pencil or paper-and most of the time with no slippers or shoes. I was the “little girl with no shoes”. I will never forget when I heard there was a famous baseball player over a century ago called “Shoeless Joe Jackson.” I was “Shoeless Julie” – page 4

“I believe that I am not in this earth to be just a living breathing thing. I believe God designed a beautiful interesting life for me” – page 26

“My loneliness was killing me. I learned how to sew, I did embroidery, and i wrote letters and poems. I read many books and journals. I educated myself in many aspects of science, medicine and psychology.” – page 28-29

“When my family left me, I took a massive dose of sleeping pills. I woke up being worked on by the doctors trying everything humanly possible to make me survive.” – page 29

“Would you believe that I have recovered the land my father lost through his gambling?” (this is now the Fil-Am Garden Resort which Julie established for years) – page 38

“One day not long ago, it was so beautiful outside-sunny and bright. I  was looking outside the window while ironing what I would wear that day, a beautiful flowered dress. I thought of these words: “Bloom where you are planted.”– page 116

“I Ordered My Future Yesterday” is available in Amazon, Barnes and Noble and National Bookstore branches in Philippines.

You may get in touch with Julie Cox on Facebook and Twitter

Here is an interesting interview of her with Boy Abunda

This is the land that Julie was able to recover several years after her father lost it trough gambling.

Even if you’re broken, negative, bitter, depressed,

nothing can stop you from finding your destiny!

-Julie Cox

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