Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Official Trailer

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movie_fat-sick-and-nearly-deadWhen a person is still young and energetic, ignoring the health implications of toxic diet and lifestyle (ie. junk foods and fast foods) is automatic. Until one becomes extremely ill, he then feels compelled to find solution and do whatever it takes to remove the pain and suffering. More often than not, the journey to finding the cure can be life changing in a positive direction.
Joe Cross’s story is a great example which has inspired many people suffering from health consequences of poor diet and lifestyle to see the light of hope and reboot to a healthier version of their self.
Joe suffered from being overweight and the symptoms of debilitating autoimmune disease. He tried almost every means of therapy and none of them worked. His amazing journey to wellness is documented in the film FAT, SICK and NEARLY DEAD .
Another inspiring person who appeared in the film is Phil Staples, an overweight, truck driver who is also suffering from the same condition. He seek help from Joe. Initially, he went under a 10 day juice fasting which he eventually continued until he lost a lot of weight and gain vitality.
Watch the movie and see how amazing the challenges turn into inspiration, not only for their personal lives but also for people across the globe.

Juice fasting is only a start of the journey, Joe Cross realized the importance of a balanced life – diet, exercise and lifestyle.


Joe Cross Before


Joe Cross After



Phil Staples Before

Phil Staples After


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 Official Trailer

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