Banana Splinach


Banana Splinach

Here is what I prepared when I was not feeling well because I have been working very hard and eating restaurant food. My body felt inflamed and I am being very grumpy as usual. There must be a way to detox quickly and get this icky feeling out.

I happen to have a bunch of organic spinach which I bought from an organic supermarket located in another city. I have to travel far just to get my organic leaves. I avoid making green juice if the leaves are not organic because it means I will ingest pesticides that were sprayed throughout the life of the plant. Not good for me!. Makes me more grumpy!

So I thought of a new blend which would be about 80% green leaves and something that will hide the bland taste of the leaves and still taste fruity-like. Here is my new recipe and I am very happy with the taste and outcome. The moment this went inside my throat, I feel as though I am being comforted by a loving force. It feels like a mild soothing current passing through my throat and down my stomach. I love that feeling!

Here are my ingredients.

Clean with water first and soak for few minutes in clean water with rock salt or apple cider vinegar.

Spinach, about 10-15 leaves

Nuts (almonds or walnuts or cashew). Nuts are soaked in water overnight, its a must for me! Nuts gives that milky taste when its blended well. I do not drink cows milk, so I don’t put milk in my juices.


Note : I read in an article that bananas should have those black spots to help prevent cancer. Do your research and testing, if this is true.

Slice the banana into chunks as one would for a banana split shake.


I tried ponkan instead of orange. I still recommend orange taste wise as it has that tangy, edgy taste to cover up the taste of the green leaves. And a squeeze of lemon will help too!

Either squeeze the orange juice or slice them into chunks.


These are organic dates available in the organic shop. So thankful! This is to sweeten the juice. I do not like putting sugar in my juices, specially white sugar. It makes me very weak after a few minutes.

Another alternative for sugar is a plant called Stevia.  I have tasted its leaves. It’s sweet, juicy and delicious too.

Here are the leaves blended with nuts and dates + about 1-2 cups of water or coconut water.

I added the banana chunks and orange chunks to the blended leaves and stored them in glass bottles. I don’t store my  juices inside plastic jars because of the possible toxic infiltration from the plastic (i.e. bisphenol). Do your research about the damaging effects of plastics in human health if you are curious. I am not a scientist and I have not tested the findings myself so I cannot confirm that. But a research would help and feel if they are from trusted sources be it mainstream or alternative media. Use your intuition if that rings true or not. You’ll know it.

So yipeee…..Here is the Banana spinach stored in the fridge ready for consumption for the next day’s work.


And here it is. Photographed while taking a break from doing some work. I love this juice and I always think about it when I have no immediate access to an organic market. I love the taste and feeling. I get less grumpy, less emotional, less tired. I wish its like this everyday, but living in a fast-pace world prevents me from doing that constantly. Excuses! excuses! excuses! is what I want to slap myself with! (laughs).


All photographs by Aileen Photography

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