Alex Collier and the Andromedans

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Aside from Ashayana Deane, another speaker that interest me the most is Alex Collier, a contactee by an Andromedan council.

His messages for humanity can be heard through the video above during the Project Camelot Awake and Aware conference in Los Angeles, California. I have been a follower of Project Camelot for quite sometime now.

What really is our reality? and what is the universe all about? Why are we here and what for? What is our nature, really? – These questions bugs me a lot and I cannot prevent myself from searching every single day until I stumbled upon Alex Collier work, Ashayana Deane and the likes which answers some of these questions which by the way raise more questions.

Life is a mystery and its gets more and more bizarre once one start to dig. People who live normally (ie, regular job, big house, car, branded clothes and television) could be considered lucky because they are enjoying life at least, contrary to those who go out of the box to do something that they believe could save mankind and sometimes losing everything they have just to create that positive change and that includes Mr. Alex Collier

There had been a lot of debate whether the information presented by certain spiritual speakers are true or just deception. From my point of view, there will always be truth even in the most deceptive agenda. There will be  deceptive acts even in the most truthful platform for revealing information. But the selective information here and there can get us somewhere to complete the pieces of the puzzle of our grand scheme of things.

All we need to do probably is to enhance our natural “bs” tracking capability which they say are inherent in us. But of course, we’re too busy for that here on Earth, aren’t we? The talent show on tv is much more important. But no, the latest fashion for the season are much much more important. I don’t think so, the break-up of the most celebrated teen star is way way more important than taking time to recycle all those crap we produced. Let’s focus here, shall we?  😀  😀

And one of my most favorite quote which an andromedan told him is this:

“The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry lifetime after lifetime”

For more lectures, videos, interviews of Alex Collier, completely free –

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